Snow Goose Hunters are they CRAZY!

I was recently recruited to hunt snow geese with a friend. I have always wanted to go but never really had enough decoys or the right spot to make it worth while. After waking up a 4 am we overloaded the pickup with totes full of decoys. We headed out to the spot we would be hunting. After pulling over two times to fix the boxes that had nearly flown off the truck bed we made it to the corn field.

It was about 34 degrees and a light breeze but it was supposed to pick up by 10. We unloaded the totes and opened them to see a sea of white snow goose wind socks. There had to be about a thousand of them. Time to get to work. Shooting light was just about an hour and a half away.

The night before it got just cold enough to make putting stakes in the ground hard quite frustrating. I ended up with a blister on the palm of my hand. After pushing a hundred decoy stakes in the frozen ground I lost count. I could hear one guy say, “we’ve got 10 mins till shooting light”, and the scramble was on to get as many socks in the ground as we could.

The sun was coming up fast so we put on our white Tyvek painter suits and loaded up the guns. During the conservation oder snow goose season there is no restriction on how many shells your gun can hold so I bought a Carlson magazine extender and now I can hold 10 rounds in my gun. You will want this if a flock of a hundred birds want to land in your spread.

Snow Goose Hunting with Tyvek Painter Suits

At first light there was not much action but as the sun came up more and more flocks started to give us a look. We shot 2 birds out of the first small flock that got within range. We should have had more.

What is so cool about Snow Geese or White Geese is that they drop so fast vertically. Ducks and dark geese tend to always lower their altitude by circling. When we had a group of about 100 want to land right above us I couldn’t believe how fast they can drop if they really wanted to.

Never the less it was a really cool hunt and I feel blessed to have had the opportunity to go. We ended up with four birds. With a little better shooting and more cooperation from birds we should have had a lot more. I would say they are a little crazy but after seeing so many birds almost commit it was something I could get crazy about.

Snow Goose Hunting

God Bless and Happy Hunting!




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