Benchmade Crooked River

What Knife is in Your Hunting Pack?

Every time I go out hunting or head into the backcountry there are a few key things I always bring with me. The first thing I always bring is a knife, and I never forget one. Why you might ask? Well because in my mind it can do more things than you could ever imagine.

A knife can protect you, start your fire, create shelter, save your life, and so much more.

My favorite knife brand is Benchmade and most of their knives are built with a purpose. If I’m hunting I take one of these 3 knives; the Pardue hunter, Benchmade 15200 Pardue Hunterthe 15200 Altitude, Benchmade 15400 Altitudeor the Crooked River. Benchmade Crooked RiverIf I’m in Backcountry camping or just out hiking a mountain I take the lightweight Bugout 535.

If I head to the range or just out and about I carry the Sheepsfoot Griptilian. Between these knives all of my outdoor activities are covered. If you need a everyday knife or a purposeful knife Benchmade is the brand to start with! Guess what too! They just introduced their new line of knives for 2018. If you have a favorite knife I want to hear about it. Follow his path and be a Compass Keeper!


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