Curt Gowdy State Park Wyoming

Last Week my wife and I had a chance to do a little camping at Curt Gowdy State park in Wyoming. We had heard some good things from friends but didn’t quite know what to expect. The park is about 30-45 minute from Cheyenne, WY, so it is extremely easy to get to.

First Impression

When we arrived we were greeted kind ladies at the visitor center. However they let us know there were not many campsites left if we were going to be staying the night which we were. So we rushed around the park and luckily found a spot next to the smaller lake.


The difference with this park than most is that it isn’t only focused around climbing, camping, or hiking. It is focused around water which in the summer is really nice on those hot days. I say water because of the two lakes. Both lakes you can actually have boats, jet skis, and canoes on both bodies of water. The smaller lake does however have a hp restriction. The park has kayak and paddle-board rentals, which is nice if you don’t want to haul your toys from a long way away. The other things the park has to offer is hiking, backpacking, and mountain biking. They even hold some mountain biking competitions in the park.

The Camping


Cooking breakfast in the morning at camp.

Like I said before we barely found a campsite which is partially our fault as we didn’t know there were limited first come first serve sites so make sure that you try to get reservations if possible. The campsites do not have water or electric hook ups but are all big enough to house the biggest of campers. Each campsite has plenty of space for a tent and most are really level. They have a fire pit and a picnic table at nearly every site.

The Hiking/Backpacking


View from the top

There are so many hiking, backpacking and mountain biking trails in the park you won’t be able to go on all of then if you stay for a week. The also have a wide variety of trail levels from novice to advanced. We felt that the level was a little easier than they had marked however we felt that was better than getting on a trail and realize a mile in you were over your head. We recommend hiking back to, “the hidden falls” it was a fairly easy hike that offered a very cool end to the hike. The falls are pretty but prepare to get your feet wet if you want a picture with the falls.

The Fishing


Found a perfect spot

If you know me I take my Cabela’s fly rod anywhere we go, and this was no exception. With lakes that hold stocker trout and a handful of different trout species I had to put a line in. While your not going to catch a 21 inch brown or rainbow trout you will catch fish. They will all be anywhere from 10 inches to 14 inches. We ended up backpacking to a small canyon where the fish were hitting on top water and the fly of choice was a #16 Royal Wolf. I caught a few rainbow trout and saw a bunch more.

All in all we had an awesome trip and will definitely come back to Curt Gowdy sometime soon. This time we will make reservations.



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