3 Things to Never Do While Hunting Turkeys on Public Land


There is a lot of talk around turkey reaping, and fanning in turkeys, but the one thing that has come up more often than not is the danger of it. Even if your on private ground there is always the chance of trespassers.

I have completely taken turkey reaping or fanning out of my bag of tricks when trying to bag a spring gobbler. Also, If i was a person who still did it it would only be on private ground. Never fan or turkey reap on public ground. I can’t say that enough. Why you might ask? Well turkey decoys are so realistic now that how can you be absolutely sure that its not a decoy or another hunter. Be Careful!

One other thing that I never do on public ground when turkey hunting is call like a gobbler. If another hunter hears that and starts hunting in your direction you have just caused a possible run in.

The last thing that I don’t like to do on public ground is stalking through the grass at a belly craw. Camo is so good now that someone else could be hunting the same bird and you could be stalking right toward each other and never even know it. So don’t belly crawl after a turkey on public ground. If you have some things that you never do while hunting on public ground I would love to hear it. Comment below.


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